The latest POS software in the industry, Easy to operate – fast – cutting-edge design – huge range of services – inter­na­tio­nal



fully automated credit check based on information from national and international credit agencies – freely definable and editable set of rules – automatic docu­mentation of the decision process – manual override of decisions possible



solid and powerful back-office contract management soft­ware with integrated contract accounting, electronic state­ment of account, dunning, and document archive for paper­less working



– WEB-based POS software for salespeople’s
work stations and the sales workplace


The decision is taken at the point of sale as to how extensively, intuitively and quickly sales people/sales staff are supported by the system and this therefore has a major effect on sales success. Often, various systems of different financing companies compete for salespeople’s favour in the sales workplace. As a financing company, it is highly beneficial for you to be able to rely on a disruptive tool.

Products and markets

  • Range of products – credit, leasing, rental and services

  • International deployment (multilingual and multi-currency capability)
  •  Mapping of diverse organisational structures (vendors, branches, subsidiaries and markets, etc.)

Business processes

  • Workflow management

  • Calculation (linear rate processes with preferred rates and cancellation based on any criteria, non-linear rate processes with seasonal rates, etc.)

  • Identification of applicants through external credit agencies (incl. determination of beneficial owners) or cooperation with own back-office systems

  • Workflow management

  • Form printing and archiving of outgoing and incoming correspondence

  • Following log-in, dashboard provides information on recently processed transactions

  • § Compact CRM functions/alternatively interfaces with CRM systems

  • § In conjunction with M DECISION, an automatic credit decision can be made in a matter of seconds

System & technology

  • M SALES is part of the M product line along with M DECISION and M ASSET, but can also be used in conjunction with third-party products

  • Web services and transaction management ensure cross-platform integration

  • Can be used on mobile end devices (mobile web design)

  • Separate ADMIN tool for customised set-up of M SALES (WORD-templates, upload various tables and much more)



– Additional module to M SALES for automatic credit decisions
at the point of sale with monitoring of current transactions


Whether credit decisions can be made automatically and without any telephone-based reassurance in real time and in next to no time is also decisive in terms of the acceptance of a point of sale system. M DECISION features interfaces with national credit agencies (e.g. Creditreform, Bürgel, and Schufa) and international credit agencies (e.g. D&B). An editable set of rules enables you to take 

in-house parameters into consideration for the credit check. The monitoring function enables you to look at the current situation of sales partners and the sales division. Decisions made automatically can of course be overridden by authorised individuals or have constraints imposed on them.

Set of rules

  • Open import and rule configuration

  • Points system for the rules/weighting freely configurable, hence

  • assessment and weighting for contract types, object types, suppliers, individuals and securities also freely definable

  • Only little set-up and maintenance work involved as independent of the programming level

  • Rule tester

  • Before the system goes live, real examples of decisions can be re-enacted in order to test out the system in detail

  • Monitor

  • Access to the input values and the entire course of the decision process together with reports of the credit agencies + automatic archiving

  • Processing and monitoring of outsorted transactions

  • Workflow for constraints with response monitoring

  • Approval in accordance with the 2-person or n-person principle with adherence to value limits (powers of attorney)

  • ReRun for transactions which already exist in the system (backtesting or portfolio analysis)



– powerful back-office contract management with contract accounting,
document archive, and electronic statement of account for the automatic posting of returned
debits and manual payment transactions in MS Office 2016 – Design


Integral component of the M product line. This enables a full, end-to-end workflow from the creation of the offer at the point of sale (with provision of information regarding ongoing/expiring contracts) through to the automatic credit decision (subject to the inclusion of internal payment experience and approved commitments) and the automatic set-up of approved contracts in M ASSET.

M ASSET covers the entire range of requirements for financing and leasing. The unique interface concept and flexible set-up enable you to reproduce your business processes perfectly and hence facilitate cost-effective contract management.

  • Contract management – Object management – Refinancing – Business partner management

  • Settlement of account and demarcation of financing rates and all types of service rates (insurance, maintenance, etc.) using the integrated product engine.

  • High level of acceptance amongst users, and quick and easy to learn how to use on account of modern ergonomics and intuitive menu navigation

  • Module-based (e.g. also ideal for leasing agents)

  • Business partners

  • Calculation (leasing, hire purchase, retail and rental)

  • Contract management

  • Object management

  • Office connection (standard correspondence, EXCEL export reporting, etc.)

  • Electronic archive enables paperless working

  • Powerful reporting

Additional modules

  • Electronic Statement of Account module for the automatic posting of returned debits and manual payment transactions

  • Refinancing module (individual and bundled financing), all well-established types of financing (e.g. forfaiting and loans)

  • Accounting module: Debitor and creditor accounting; payment transactions; dunning; product engine (financing and service products); posting engine (HGB (German Commercial Code), IFRS, US-Gaap); interfaces (Datev, SAP, Varial)

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