Welcome to your new web-based software solution provider for the leasing and financing industry

We are both an international start-up specialising in the latest industry software (the average age of our developers is approximately 30, and our latest generation POS solution is only a few months old) and an established provider in this industry with over 10 years of solid experience in the market. Numerous companies are successfully using our solutions. The disruptive market in which we operate is plagued with predatory pricing as the industry is not growing in terms of the number of active players on the national market but is conversely subject to market concentration.

We rely on cutting-edge technology, our wealth of experience and our industry knowledge. Our hotline is manned by real people who are always on hand to help.

Visiting our site could be the decisive first step in getting ahead of the competition again in terms of the technology you use!



The latest POS software in the industry. Easy to operate – fast – cutting-edge design – huge range of services – inter­na­tional


Fully automated credit check based on information from national and international credit agencies – freely de­finable and editable set of rules – automatic docu­men­tation of the decision pro­cess – manual override of decisions possible


Solid and powerful back-office contract management soft­ware with integrated contract accounting, electronic state­ment of account, dunning, and document archive for paper­less working

MDC Vertriebs- GmbH
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